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Re: Movie player that ships with FC2?

The lack of a DVD/Video player is my pet peve with FC2, but it's rectified easily enough;

There are 9 players (or more) that can be installed on your system, but for ME, the two that were easy are

VLC is my favorite, and it plays DVDs extremely well.  Go to http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-redhat.html

FOR VLC, they say to rpm FORCE *, but that's not how I recommend the install, (First, you'll need to download the vlc-binary plus fedora1-updates.)  to INSTALL, do this;
1. gzip -dc vlc-binary....gz |tar -xvof-
2. gzip -dc fedora1....gz | tar -xvof-
3. For easy install, move all the resulting rpms to the SAME directory
4. rpm -ivh vlc* - this will fail with MANY dependencies, 
5. rpm -ivh each dependency in order until vlc will install.  (repeat steps 4 & 5 as often as needed) - easy just takes 10 minutes....

Remember that sometimes a dependency will say lib-something, but the needed rpm is named something-lib...

That will make VLC work, AND will create an icon in the sound&video section of your X menu

To install XINE, go to http://xinehq.de/index.php/releases  You need to download step 1 and 2 (xine-lib and xine-ui)

then, (from their website)

Download the latest xine-lib and gxine/xine-ui tarballs, then follow these instruction. To unpack a tarball, use:

   tar xfvz tarballname.tar.gz

The following instructions will install xine in /usr/local where it will be visible for all users. You need root privileges to do this on most systems.

After unpacking xine-lib, issue:

   make install

Make sure your /etc/ld.so.conf contains /usr/local/lib and continue with:


Now unpack your frontend (gxine or xine-ui or ...), then:

   make install
PS. You MUST type the command: ldconfig (after editing the /etc/ld.so.conf as shown above that)  or the xine-ui will say xine-lib isn't installed...

XINE will NOT create a shortcut or put a launcher anywhere I could fine, but you can execute it by typing xine at a command prompt.

The reason you WANT xine is that it will play AVI files (the ones my Finepix camera creates) and others that I couldn't get other players to play easily...

AGAIN, one or both of these SHOULD have been included in FC2 (IMHO)

-Linux MASTER wannabe -- but currently just scratchin' the surface I'm affraid!

Andy Green wrote:
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On Thursday 10 June 2004 14:20, Mark Haney wrote:

Is there a video player (not xmms) that is bundled with FC2?  If there is,
I can't find it.

There is some demonic crud in kdemultimedia, Noatun and Kaboodle that keep 
grabbing mime types in KDE and have to be exorcised.   But I never found a 
use for either, maybe in stock KDE they actually do useful things.  But the 
Undead versions in FC do not in my experience.

- -Andy

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