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Re: 1280x800

I had the same issue with my laptop, (1680x1050)

Edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Go down to the Modes "1024x768" 800x600" ...
change it to Modes   "1280x800" "1024x768" etc

then save and hit CTRL-ALT-BKSPACE to restart x

That should work great, (it's possible you will also have to set the horrizontal/vertical freq too - it's in the same config file Mine says "HorizSync 31.5 - 90.0"
"VertRefresh 60.0 - 60.0"

then Go into GIMP and create a new document the dot size of your screen (1280x800) and view it at 1:1.  It should be the size of your screen - (It's a good test)


-Linux MASTER wannabe - but I'm currently just scratchin' the surface!

Martin Biggs wrote:
On Saturday 05 Jun 2004 16:46, Timothy Murphy wrote:
Martin Biggs wrote:
Hi, I am hoping one of you can help me.

I have a eMachines M5116 laptop with a screen resolution of 1280x800; but
can only get it to work at 1024x768.
I don't know much about this subject,
but you have the Depth set to 24 for this resolution.
You could try setting it to 16
(and also DefaultColorDepth).

Thankyou for your sugestion, I didhave doubts as to if it would make any 
difference as it is known to work under Mandrake.  I did try it though with 
no change in effect.

Thanks anyway.


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