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Re: FC2 killed my Hard Disk

Jeff Allison wrote:

I am very confused finally got all the iso's together for a fc2 install inserted first proceeded normally installed about 5 packages then stopped, switched consoles saw s**t loads of ide reset errors on the HD.

Waited waited only errors rebooted.

smart error on reboot. smart errors in windows 2000 hard drive is 3 wks old can only assume FC2 killed my Hard Disk.

hardware asrock K7VM4
512 MB mem
80gig smasung SP0802N

any ides????
can smart be reset anyone know where some smart info is.
also it complaigns about the disc geom like the xp bug but I can still boot windows


Well , you cant reset the SMART info... The thing is: Linux is more sensitive to this kind of problem... Windows isnt... I've had a SATA disk which would freeze linux but in windows it worked perfectly... Guess what? The disk was broken....
Try looking in the samsung website.. Usually the manufacturer has a tool to check the disk. It's the best way to find out if the disk is really problematic...

Pedro Macedo

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