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Dual boot FC2-Win: let's end the shame !

As I was just now browsing thru my brand-new copy of Fedora News Updates 
#13 at


I looked straight for the topic which is at the moment the dearest one to 
me - FC2 & Win dual-boot - and I indeed found something meaty. However a 
few clarifications need be done:

        - my name is mentioned with a link to a dual-boot guide I wrote. 
Let it be known that not a single response was posted to it, and AFAIK the 
complete procedure is yet untested.

        - there's also a link to a very thorough document posted by Jack 
Aboutboul, described as " written by an anonymous author". I would add 
that the first [failed] attempt to present this document was made by Jeff 
Spaleta here


        - and what's really important (sad ?) about this latter posting is 
what Jeff says, _ . . . we broadcast a version of this widely . . . _

Well, if we consider fedoranews.org as being Fedora's official 
_broadcasting station_ then we might consider that Jeff's proposal was 

However . . . I suppose that most Fedora newbies's starting point is 
Fedora's _real_ web site at redhat.com ; these folks will not get 
acquainted with fedoranews.org until later on, when they start researching 
lists and docs for specific purposes. That being the case, this important 
broadcast won't reach its main audience until too late - when the 
damage-which-is-no-real-damage-yet-but-is-about-to has already been done.

Let's see now . . . I'm a newbie and go to      http://fedora.redhat.com/ 

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