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Re: Swap partition? (Re: FC2 & Dell Inspiron 7500 - newbie friendly?)

srb wrote:

1) Do I need a separate swap partition? [512mb ram]
- what size should it be?
- how/when do I create it? During the installation process?

yes, It is required, but 512mb is likely the largest you need, create it at install

2) Will the save-to-disk partition work with FC2? [I know there are no
guarantees in life, but...]

yes, as long as the suspend feature is working.

3) I will probably install FreeBSD in a 3rd partition.
- Any suggestion as to whether I should install FBSD before or after
- Can FBSD and FC2 share the same swap partition?
- Can FBSD and FC2 share the same S2D partition?

Both will work ONLY IF freeBSD and Linux are using the same partiton types. The filesystem types are different (83 for Linux, a5 for freeBSD) but I don't know what freeBSD uses for swap so it may/may not be the same for swap. As noted below other linux distros use the same swap partiton, but that is type 82. If FBSD uses type 82 for swap it should use the same, if a different type is needed it will not share the swap.

1) I would suggest modifying the size of the swap from what Fedora will
select. It will choose 2 x RAM (1024MB) which is way too big for most
things. Unless you plan on running really big apps that will require lots of
swap. I suggest to do what I did, and modify it to be 518MB (the smallest
size for 512MB of RAM that Fedora will allow without a "warning" message).
You should be fine with that. This is done during the install process (check
the box that says "review partition setup" or something like that, in order
to modify what Fedora chooses).

2) I'm not really sure what the S2D partition is/does... sorry.

3) I know other Linux distros (even Live CD's) will make use of this same
swap partition, but I am not sure about freeBSD. I'm thinking of installing
freeBSD in the future myself, so I'd be interested to know too!


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