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Re: 1280x800

mickey wrote:

I had the same issue with my laptop, (1680x1050)

Edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Go down to the Modes "1024x768" 800x600" ...
change it to Modes   "1280x800" "1024x768" etc

then save and hit CTRL-ALT-BKSPACE to restart x

NOTE: ctrl-alt-bksp will NOT restart X if you are in runlevel 5. You will need to 1) reboot or 2) from a console screen as root use "telinit 3" to get a non-graphics screen then "telinit 5" to go back to the graphics mode.

I would recommend instead, to do the 'telinit 3' before starting your edit of the config file. From there you can use "startx" to start the X server and ctrl-alt-bksp to kill it after each test. Once it is working correctly then use 'telinit 5' to go back to the graphics mode.

That should work great, (it's possible you will also have to set the horrizontal/vertical freq too - it's in the same config file Mine says "HorizSync 31.5 - 90.0"
"VertRefresh 60.0 - 60.0"

then Go into GIMP and create a new document the dot size of your screen (1280x800) and view it at 1:1. It should be the size of your screen - (It's a good test)


-Linux MASTER wannabe - but I'm currently just scratchin' the surface!

Martin Biggs wrote:

On Saturday 05 Jun 2004 16:46, Timothy Murphy wrote:

Martin Biggs wrote:

Hi, I am hoping one of you can help me.

I have a eMachines M5116 laptop with a screen resolution of 1280x800; but
can only get it to work at 1024x768.

I don't know much about this subject,
but you have the Depth set to 24 for this resolution.
You could try setting it to 16
(and also DefaultColorDepth).

Thankyou for your sugestion, I didhave doubts as to if it would make any difference as it is known to work under Mandrake. I did try it though with no change in effect.

Thanks anyway.

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