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designing a complete SW management system under fedora?

  almost certainly a little off the topic here, but i'm wondering if 
there's a forum devoted to designing a total software 
design/coding/management architecture that would work under linux in 
general and fedora in particular.

  by architecture, i mean a nicely-coupled set of utilities including 

* languages (C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, scripting)
* revision control (CVS, Subversion, BK, arch, etc.)
* build management (make, scons)
* IDEs
* issue/request tracking (bugzilla, RT)
* debugging (gdb)

you get the idea.  i know there are individual mailing lists for pretty 
much all of these things, but is there somewhere a forum aimed at looking 
at the general architecture picture?  discussing alternatives for any and 
all of these components?  compatibility?  etc, etc.

a pointer to mailing lists/URLs would be a good start.  thanks.


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