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Re: mp3 disk programme

On 06/11/2004 04:49 PM, john brennan-sardou wrote:

Hello everybody,
I'm looking for a cd programme under fedora which will allow me to copy my mp3 classical music onto a disk.K3b does not allow this (at least that is what I have been led to understand) Looking for a no hassle, open source job. By the way I have a run of the mill mp3 player : how do I connect it to fedora? It only has window programmes, it was cheap but it is quite satisfactory. Does anyone have a fstab entry to throw my way?
         Thanks in advance, John Brennan-Sardou

It might not be as simple as an fstab entry (although it might be). What make/model? What interface (USB, etc.)?

How does it store music? Linux supports common USB card readers well, so if that mp3 player stores music on an SD, a CF, a memorystick, etc., then you can probably for $20 US buy a USB card reader, plug the card into the computer, and the card will automatically show up as a mounted volume.


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