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RE: Problem with VMware

Corné hit the nail squarely on the head with the driver suggestion.
Win2K does not ship with drivers for VMware's virtual SCSI devices. You
must download the Vmware-BusLogic-SCSIDriver-x.y.z.flp driver floppy
image from the Vmware website. To use it you can either mount it from
the vmware devices menu as a virtual floppy or write it out to a real
floppy with rawwrite or dd.

To use it you must press F6 during the first 6 seconds of the initial
Win2K install hardware scan. Some later Win2K CDs prompt for this, most
don't. If you miss the 6 second window you have to start the install
again. Unfortunately, you won't know if you made it until the installer
gets to the point where it is loading the mass storage drivers, 5 to 10
minutes into the install.

If you did make it in time, you will be rewarded by a blue screen
partway through the massive initial driver load asking if you have any
external mass storage drivers. Follow the prompts and insert the floppy
when asked (or mount the image, whichever). After the driver is loaded
up, your virtual disks should initialize properly.

Eric Diamond
eDiamond Networking & Security

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