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Fri Jun 11 23:40:46 UTC 2004

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Mariano Draghi wrote:

> Bolívar escribió:
>> At 17:09 10/6/2004 -0300, you wrote:
>>> Bolívar escribió:
>>>> On red-hat 9 i could mount UDF CD-RW disks without problem. On my FC2, 
>>>> they mount, but they mount "empty".
> [...]
>>>> other with Incd). Listing their contents in the terminal, i can see 
>>>> their files, but them all written in red and flashing
> [...]
>>> Sorry... this isn't going to be useful... but I can confirm this on 
>>> *SOME* of my CD-RW discs.
> [...]
>> We got somewhere. You say you experience this on "some" of your disks, can 
>> you remember which software you used to format this working ones?
> Yes, Nero Burning Rom. But the funny thing is that ALL the CD-RWs that I've 
> tested are formatted with that software, with the very same version, in the 
> same box (at work). So far, I've found 2 discs that cannot be properly 
> mounted (ot of 5). So it's not the software... but some combination of 
> factors... I suspect it has to do with FC2 using unicode and Windows not 
> using unicode, combined with some "strange" file name and/or a bug in the udf 
> module of the kernel.
> *The CDs I'm trying work prefect on FC1 and Knoppix 3.3 (kernel 2.4)*
> Are you from Brazil? I'm from Argentina, so both of us might be using 
> non-english characteres in the filenames, right? (I do)
> And if I remember well, the other guy who had problems was French.
> But as I said, I couldn't find a pattern yet. It's not something 
> "coedpage-exlusive", because all the CDs that I tried have non-english 
> characters, and some of them works, and some doesn't.

There have been several iterations to the UDF "standard" and vendors have 
interpreted the specs differently, so it isn't unusual to have problems 
reading them with software other than that used to create them.  There are 
people who know what to look for using dd to read the raw data, but it 
would be nice to have some simpler tools to examine problematic UDF disks
so we can figure out how to handle them.  In the meantime, you should
make sure you are using the current version of the software you use to
create UDF disks (or use a simpler format for critical data!).

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