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Re: Network security

If you are running the x desktop, try ethereal
very good tool for sniffing networks.
Will even tell you what protocol the "offender" is using........

Don Dupy
Systems Administrator
Maxxrad PC Services
email: fedora maxxrad net

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Chadley Wilson wrote:

> Hello friends,
> My network with approx 300 users is routed to the internet through a
> proxy and firewall, we have a DNS server and PDC Server.
> It is a winXplease network.
> With a linux PC connected -
> What tools would you suggest I could use for the following:
> 1) Track an internal PC running a sniffer of some sort, obtain its ip
> and mac address, then stop it sniffing and maybe kick it off the
> network.
> 2) Be alerted when someone tries to sniff from outside, trace him and
> obtain his details or ISP details.
> I am terribly new to security, please teach me!
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