FC2: Problems with ACPI/video brightness on a Dell Latitude X300

Alfredo Ferrari list at pceet030.cern.ch
Sat Jun 12 11:48:12 UTC 2004


I installed Fedora core 2 on a brand new Dell Latitude X300 laptop. The 
buttons controlling the display intensity (Fn+down/up arrows) do not work, 
rather when I hit them I got a message like:

atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed ...

However, booting with acpi=off they work nicely. Of course acpi=off is not
an option since a lot of other things get broken (battery, cpu speed 
control etc). I hope there is an option combination which can let them 
work without stripping the machine of acpi at all.

BTW: they work nicely on Fedora core 1 with acpi activated...

                 Any (good) suggestion), and thanks for the help?



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