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melgil88 wrote:

Hi Magnus,

On Sat, 2004-06-12 at 09:13, Magnus Schoultz wrote:

If you're serious about posting this regurarly,
you should probably change the subject to something like
"Frequently Asked Questions about Fedora Linux".

I want to avoid the 'FAQ' thing because that's not the intent of the
listing. There is already a dynamite FAQ for Fedora and it would be
useless to reproduce it. It's in no way a comprehensive listing
questions/answers for all of Fedora, but simply a list of the 'ugliest'
bugs and some helpful links and instructions for posting to this list.
It's essentially for people coming here who are new and have problems or
questions so they don't have to ask "where's the archives?" or "I have
this problem..." Hopefully they'll read it and find their answers at
any of the links inside.


I fully understand why you wrote the post and agree that posting the
full faq to the list would be counter productive. I just think you
should change the subject line. I didn't read your rfc (request for
comments), because your subject line, to me, translated as "just another

winer". Especially as you wrote it all caps, which is like shouting.

But that said, I really appreciate the effort and the content is really good.


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