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Setting up IP Masquerade and VPN traffic

I hope this isn't a stupid question.

I currently have a 2.2 system acting as a firewall/router/etc. for a couple of
Windows machines, and have the IP masquerading working in addition to the
Windows machines tunneling through the firewall to access a VPN server
elsewhere.  (I had to configure a couple of ports specially.)

Anyway, I'm working on replacing that machine with one running FC2, and I
can't find instructions on how to set up IP masquerading with the 2.6 kernel.
Also, I need to find the additional instructions that explain how to allow the
tunneling to pass through the machine successfully.  However, all of the
set-up instructions I've found deal with 2.4 or earlier kernels.

Can someone point me towards documentation that explains how to set this all
up with a 2.6 kernel?


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