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Re: disk partition probs - FC2 install

On Saturday 12 June 2004 13:55, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>Am Sa, den 12.06.2004 schrieb Reg Clemens um 19:46:
>> > > I have a disk with the partitions out of order. i.e. hda5 is
>> > > before hda4. Is this a problem? Is it possible to change the
>> > > order?
>> This is the result of using Disk Druid to partition the disk, and
>> its the reason I constantly complain about this piece of software
>> that RedHat has impoesed on us.
>Not true. Disk Druid does not mix the partitions that way. The OP
> very certainly did use other tools, namely from the DOS/Windows[tm]
> world, like Partition Magic. Shall we bet?
>>                                         Reg.Clemens

Sorry Alexander, but I too have seen disk druid play mix-n-match with 
my partitions, not only moving the order around, but the linkage 
names too.  I've had it move my /usr (40Gb or more) to a 50 meg 

I consider it broken in every sense of the word and will not allow it 
to scribble anywhere near my drives because of this.

I very carefully setup the 1st and second partitions on my drives as 
100 megs for hda1=/boot, 50 megs for hda2=/dos, then the rest of the 
assignables like 300 megs as /etc on hda3, etc for 4Gb as /root on 
hda5, etc for a 1 Gb /opt on hda6, etc for a 30Gb / on hda7 and 
finally using the remainder of the drive which may be 60+ gigs 
as /usr on /hda8.

First off it won't allow the /boot named partition to not be a 
directory of /, and there isn't any good reason I can see for that 
restriction.  If there is, please explain it to me.  AFAIK, it could 
actually be on a different physical drive as still be 100% 

So I use fdisk to setup any new drives well before an install, and if 
needed, anaconda can format them.  I keep hoping that druid will get 
fixed, I rather like its user interface.  But what it really really 
should be is a gui for fdisk, which so far hasn't suffered from any 
such arbitraryness, absent-mindedness or dementia that I'm aware of.

An old farts $0.02 in this subject.

Cheers, Gene
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