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Re: Sendmail or IPOP3D Issue

Am Sa, den 12.06.2004 schrieb Don Dupy um 20:58:

> Is there a certain way nsswitch.conf should be set
> I haven't messed with it.
> It is set default out of the box.
> I am not familiar with that file
> Don Dupy

Dont' touch the nsswitch.conf if there is not need for it. The
/etc/hosts file is the one which is essential for your setup. Be sure it
contains the localhost IP mapping line. To speed up things insert a line
mapping your LAN server IP to it's FQDN and short name.

How long takes the name resolution for your server? Run "telnet
$SERVER_IP 110" as well "telnet $SERVER_NAME 110" to see how responsive
it is. If you run you own nameserver, do you have setup a proper reverse


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