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Michael's FUD (Was: Fragen zu Synaptic)


I'm sorry to post in English, I can understand a bit of German, but sadly 
I cannot express myself in German very well. My English is somewhat 
better, although I would have prefered to do this in Dutch.

I just discovered the 'Fragen zu Synaptic' thread and feel I deserve the 
right to answer Michael's new FUD. (And some of the FUD I've seen on the 
official Fedora channels in the past months).

I don't mind Michael recruting people to help out the fedora.us project, 
the more people helping out, the better. What I do mind is that he has to 
trash other projects (3rd party repos) in doing so.

When Michael says my RPM collection is a work of only one person, he is 
wrong. The packages I provide are put together by 4 people currently and I 
guess around 200 people contribute in one way or another. The other 3rd 
party packagers help out too, just like the fedora.us community is 
working. (Actually, we're working to open it up more and automate the 
process more to make volunteers much more productive.)

What Michael means is that 1 person is doing the actual packaging/signing. 
This is more a matter of trust than it is a matter of control. I'm sure 
the fedora.us packages aren't signed by everyone involved in packaging, 

I wouldn't be able to provide about 8000 packages for 9 different 
platforms if it wasn't for the people that test and provide feedback and 
the people and tools that help out in the process.

Unfortunately, because of the repeated FUD about the 3rd party 
repositories, some news articles took over the same message spreading the 
FUD even further, which is obviously harming these 3rd party projects.
It's nice we've been mentioned in almost all the Fedora related articles, 
although I don't think the negative connotation often made is 
well-deserved or honest.

Here are some facts that I haven't seen mentioned in these FUD threads:

  + We're providing packages for repositories that are not supported by 
    fedora.us. Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Yellow Dog Linux
    and for the x86_64 architecture.

  + We're working together with other Red Hat derivatives and help out 
    these communities. EL3 derivatives, the cAos project, the BLAG 
    project. So the community around these packages is larger than just 

Both of these points are a clear distinction between my repository and the 
fedora.us goals.

  + fedora.us is (and has been) forking packages from 3rd party 
    repositories (I don't mind, although I'd like to be informed of 
    improvements when they do). Obviously our packages improve too because 
    of work by fedora.us, although this cross-breeding could be improved a 

  + fedora.us likes to stress that you cannot use other repositories with 
    theirs. They say it isn't possible. They are right, it isn't possible 
    because they don't want too. It's a protectionist measure from the 
    days that they had few packages and needed resources. It is in 
    fact possible to make all repositories compatible by investing in
    communication and working together.

  + Michael likes to stress that we cannot possibly have quality packages 
    because we have that many packages compared to fedora.us. What he 
    fails to mention is that fedora.us is fairly young compared to 
    other repositories and during the inception months and the many 
    arguments later, the other repositories grew faster. fedora.us is just 
    catching up.

  + Some packages I provide are a work in progress and are provided 
    because people may find it useful nevertheless. It's better to provide 
    something that can be improved than provide nothing at all in these 
    cases. Often when they are available, people provide feedback which 
    wouldn't be there if they weren't available.

I would like to ask Michael and others to talk about fedora.us's merits
without FUDing other projects.

If Michael, Warren or anyone else happens to find something that can be 
improved in my packages or wrt. compatibility I would appreciate if you 
Cc: me so that I don't have to find out in the archives or via my 

Kind regards,
--   dag wieers,  dag wieers com,  http://dag.wieers.com/   --
[Any errors in spelling, tact or fact are transmission errors]

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