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Re: RH 9 to FC1/FC2 and some questions


Before someone else says it, I guess I will - If you want your post to
be noticed, don't "hijack" another thread. I am guessing that you hit
reply to another message, changed the subject line, and cleared the
message body before sending. Due to the email headers, Evolution (and
any other e-mail client that supports threads) shows this message as a
reply to the "faded text in fedora-list digest". Had you simply composed
a new message to the list, it would have showed up as a new thread, at
the top of my message list.

Hopefully I didn't over-explain it to you. Just FYI, on to your
questions now.

I currently use FC1 on all production servers at my day job, as well as
production servers for my consulting clients. It does everything from
HTTP proxy to firewalls & IDS to running a clustered web application. I
have yet to see a system crash or malfunction because of instability or
software error (at least, any software that came with Fedora).

We're not talking a trivial number of servers, either... I manage 32 of
them. :)

Hopefully that helps you make a decision.

On Sat, 2004-06-12 at 19:06, Sanjay Arora wrote:
> I plan to upgrade a production server from RH9 to FC1....or maybe FC2 if
> its stable now. Are there any major path changes or anything else that
> should make necessary a fresh install rather than an upgrade?
> How stable are FC1 & FC2 respectively....comparison with RH9.
> Also, what do you people think of future of Fedora as a production
> platform rather than a testbed only for ES. How many of you plan to use
> it as a server platform viz-a-viz ES...and I am not talking of those who
> love the cutting edge technology...regardless of how much effort they
> have to put into it.
> You see I know a lot of people who are eyeing slackware as an
> alternative to a stable RH platform, should Fedora not be so. Am really
> looking to resolve this issue in my mind...so the Gurus please do
> comment.
> With best regards to all.
> Sanjay.
Ben Brown
xthor xthorsworld com

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