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Re: good FTP server with monitoring capability

Kevac Marko wrote:
Julian Underwood wrote:

Anyone familiar with Serv-U FTP for Windows(tm)?  I am looking for a FTP
server for Linux--Fedora specifically--which has the ability to monitor
users and what they are uploading or downloading in real-time.  Would
also be nice to see a log of upload activity.  The ability to kick and
ban users.  The ability to see what speeds each individual is
transferring at.  Is this a possibility with Linux?  If so where should
I be looking?

I've searched Google for such plug-ins for vsftp and came up empty
handed. Basically I'm looking for a full featured FTP program which
lets me see /what is happening/ on the server. The program which I am
looking for doesn't necessarily have to be a GUI, could be text based. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I cant say foe all unix ftp servers, but pro and pure ftpd have these functions. Use program ftpwho and pure-ftpwho.

proftpd has ftptop as well.

The ftptop command displays the current status of FTP sessions in a continuously updating top like format.

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