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Re: RH 9 to FC1/FC2 and some questions

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 11:02, Ben Brown wrote:
> Sanjay:
> Before someone else says it, I guess I will - If you want your post to
> be noticed, don't "hijack" another thread. I am guessing that you hit
> reply to another message, changed the subject line, and cleared the
> message body before sending. Due to the email headers, Evolution (and
> any other e-mail client that supports threads) shows this message as a
> reply to the "faded text in fedora-list digest". Had you simply composed
> a new message to the list, it would have showed up as a new thread, at
> the top of my message list.
Sorry Ben

Did exactly that. You are right ;-)) checked the damned headers and
changed to the threaded view ;-)

Didn´t even know that mailing lists carried thread refrences. Have been
doing this on Windows for years...just started using Linux for GUI. WILL
reform. Thanks.

My apologies to all.

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