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Re: RPM consistency across systems

Am So, den 13.06.2004 schrieb Ben Steeves um 17:04:

> > > I guess on my server machine I could keep a "master RPM list" and then have a cron
> > > run on each machine against that list.  But I don't want to maintain that list by hand.

> You can get a list of all the RPMs on a machine with the command "rpm -
> q".  Use that to generate a list on both machines, then compare them,
> probably using diff.  Write a little perl (or whatever you prefer) to
> then parse the diff and perform the appropriate actions.

That list is already there be default. It is created by the daily
(nightly) cronjob at 04:02 (am) /etc/cron.daily/rpm and is located in in
the log directory as /var/log/rpmpkgs.


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