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Re: Xine under Fedora Core 2

hicham wrote:

I made a yum install xine on FC2

but couldn't play a dvd , I get "Xine engine error"
"There is no input plugin available to handle dvd:/"

installed mplayer as well " couldn't open DVD device "

--- Peter Silcock <smallcreep quista net> a écrit : >
I also have brw against /dev/hdc with a symbolic

link from /dev/dvd. My problem was that I didn't remove the ide=scsi option
from grub.conf when I upgraded from FC1. Once I removed that everything
was fine (almost) - though I don't use kaffeine.

Peter Silcock

Ian Hilliard wrote:

Has anyone been able to get xine / kaffeine

running under Fedora Core

2. I have been looking at the problem for a couple

of days now. The

problem appears to be with accessing the DVD

drive. Mplayer on the

other hand has no problems.

I'm sure that I am just missing something. I first

installed fedora

over my RH9 installation and xine worked very

well. Unfortunately the

installation was such a train wreck in so many

other areas. Now

kaffeine believes that it has insufficient rights

to access the drive

although ls -l indicates that /dev/hdc is

brw------- . I figure that

should be sufficient.

Does anyone have an idea where else to look for

the problem?


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You need to know what is the correct device name of your dvd drive and then make a link to it, check it out by using the Main menu->System Tools->Hardware Browser->CD rom drives, highlite the dvd drive, and look at below- Device information, you will see the device name of the dvd drive (Example /dev/scd0, be aware of this because different machine can probe your physical dvd drive as different device and yours may be detected such as /dev/hdc, so you must know what exactly you physical dvd drive is detected as). Now go to command line (Main menu->System tools->Terminal), and use the command " ln -s /dev/scd0 /dev/dvd", this will make a link to dvd device which was not there by default.By now, if you have installed the MPlayer (correctly), then you can fire it up to play dvd. I belive same will work for xine.

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