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Re: Constant 20% CPU load after upgrade to fc2

On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 13:14:29 +0200, Rud Holmgren wrote:

> Having just upgraded my fc1 installation to fc2 I experience that the CPU
> is constantly loaded at about 20% average. On the system monitor applet
> the load appears as spikes when using a 0.5 sec update interval. The
> spikes are neither regularly spaced nor equal in height. When running top
> in a terminal it reports the average user space load at about 20%, approx
> 1% system  load, and about 80% idle time. No process in the process list
> eat more than 1%-2%.
> My guess is that some process is started regularly that eats up a lot of
> resources and then dies. I have tried catching this - without any luck. I
> have some of the kernel userspace helper threads under suspicion (a
> khelper). It's kind'a frustrating so I hope somebody has an idea at to
> what is happening.

Try the following:

Check your root mail for failed cron jobs.

Check /var/log/messages

init 3
startx >~/x.log 2>&1
Then in X ...
tail -f ~/x.log
and in another terminal
tail -f /var/log/messages

Might shed some light on the problem ...

IME the initial prelink on virgin FC2 systems takes an order of magnitude
longer than on FC1, but that might have a lot to do with the FC2
v.everything install having more packages (more to prelink). Could be
that; have you checked /var/log/prelink.log? Although that wouldn't tell
you if it segfaulted.


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