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Re: [FC2] PCMCIA network cards starting on boot

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 14:36, Jeff Vian wrote:

> this is set by the numbers for S25pcmcia and  S10network in /etc/rcX.d.
> If you change the number part of these it will change the sequence of 
> services starting. (lower numbers start first)
> I believe that the distro should change its policy and put pcmcia 
> services before network services by default, but until they do, this fix 
> is easy.
> >  
> >

Know this and have used it in the past.  However that is not a work
around for this problem.  It did not resolve this particular issue since
it appeared that the pcmcia services come up and try to initialize the
network card before the network services come up.

I thought this would resolve this problem initially but it did not seem
to do, at least not reliably.  

Per suggestion from someone on the list I disabled the network card at
boot up and that does seem to resolve the problem.  However the card
starts up at boot.  This appears to me to be incorrect behavior.  

Is this in bugzilla?  If not I need to figure out how to file a report.

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com


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