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Re: [FC2 x86_64] Kudzu does not accept keyboard input

Sorry for the long delay, unfortunately I was too busy.

Am Di, den 08.06.2004 schrieb Chris Kloiber um 13:02:
> On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 17:50, Peter Boy wrote:
> > If you change your hardware during boot up kudzu will start and ask for
> > adjustments of your configuration. The Kudzu window appears here as
> > expected with its initial question to hit a key to continue
> > configuration, but does not accept any keyboard input. [...]

> Try my custom kernels for the eMachines M680x (x86_64) laptops, 

The machine here is a Shuttle mini barebone, not a laptop. Your kernel
(427) did work fine nevertheless.

I found that the problem is due to a incompatibilty between rhgb and the
binary nvidia driver for x64_86. If I configured the nvidia driver, rhgb
would not accept any input (using <alt><d> to switch between detail view
and graphical als well as kudzu, invoked during graphical boot). If I
configured the nv driver, everything works just fine. If I configured
nvidia and disabled rhgb, kudzu came up and accepted keyboard input. So,
rhgb is the culprit, not kudzu.

But it is related to the nvidia binary driver which is not supported by
the fedora project. Therefore it is not a candidate for bugzilla?


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