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Re: Removing rpm from database

On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 17:41:11 +0200, maynard wrote:

> Inkscape requires and old version of libsigc++, and I have the new version
> installed. 

> Please note that is is not possible to compile inkscape against a new
> libsigc++. The library is a rewrite, and it breaks inkscape

> How can I strip the dependency information from the inkscape rpms

Is there a particular reason you need the new library (libsigc++-2.0.3)?

This is not part of the core distribution, and even FC2 stable only has

If you're dead set on having the bleeding edge library, then the only
clean and safe option is to rebuild inkscape statically against the old
library, that way it should work regardless of the version of libsigc++
you have installed.

As for stripping dependencies from the RPM - that's not a good idea, and
will probably only serve to break the database (or at least that package)
more than your current method. You'd need to edit the spec from the
src.rpm and change the configure and build options to build static libs.

I see there are plenty of BuildRequires, bur no explicit Requires at all
in the latest inkscape SRPM on sourceforge, so assuming you build the
libsigc++ libs statically into the build, then that should work and keep
RPM happy - but it does seem like you're doing things the hard way.


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