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re faded text in fedora-list digest

On Sat, 2004-06-12 at 14:57, Richard E Miles wrote:

When I view the digest version of the fedora-list it seems to cause faded text when it sees a signature from a message to the header of the next message. It returns to regular text when it encounters quoted text in a following message. This is very disconcerting. Is there a way of stoping the faded text?

guess that you are referring to evolution.

the control in evolution -> Tools -> Settings -> Mail Preferences ->
Highlight Quotations with Color isn't very granular in terms of control.
Why not either uncheck it or change it to another (perhaps red) color
from the default gray which gives the impression of being faded.


I'm sorry I should have mentioned I was using Mozilla 1.6 on FC 2. There doesn't seem to be any similar settings in Mozilla mail. Is anyone using Mozilla mail that could help me?


Richard Miles
Federal Way, WA
registered linux user 46097

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