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Re: Webalizer Problem

Am So, den 13.06.2004 schrieb Patrick Nelson um 21:47:

> > You mean those log entries full of 0x90?  I'm getting 4-5 a day. They don't
> > seem to prevent webalizer from running. It simply skips those records. That's
> > what the logwatch email says and my stats seem OK.
> > 
> > I did find a way, via a Google search, to divert those records to another log.
> > Google on "apache 0x90".
> Yep those are the ones...  I tried running webalizer manually and it
> fail saying the log file is too big.  What versions are your running?  I
> did a search and I didn't see anything on diverting those can you give
> me some guidance on how?

grep -v "0x90" access_log > cleaned-access_log
grep "0x90" access_log > attacker-access_log
> access_log
webalizer run against cleaned-access_log

A bit "rough" certainly. Maybe a reason to change to awstats?


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