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RE: Change Grub Default Kernel? (DONE)

Alright edit my grub.conf and changed my default, but... on node2 the
sequence was updated differently than on node1? 2.6.6-1.427 was set in
as 0 and the smp version set as 1. Node1 got smp as 0. 

Thought others might consider this and why such a difference would be
done by/during the same update?

Only thing I can figure is that node1 has had inet access and has been
getting regular updates. Node2 has not had access until I corrected my
gateway and node2 then got all the updates at once.Change Grub Default
KernelChange Grub Default Kernel

> Ok, don't seem to be having problems as some of the others with
> kernel 2.6.6... update. Am wondering now how to change which
>kernel boots by default?
> I know I'll find it when I man of search, but was already here so
> thought I drop in the question as well.

Thanks Again,

GregS <><
gswallow cfl rr com

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