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Re: Help - Can't perform NFS mount w/ Fedora Core 2

Serge de Souza wrote:

Are you using a custom kernel ?

Edward Hourigan wrote:

I have not been able to perform an NFS mount since installing FC2. My NFS server machine
is the one running FC2.

The client machine is not fedora. It is running a Knoppix distribution using a 2.4.24 kernel.
The client machine's ip number is xxx.xxx.xxx.102 and the NFS version is 3.
On the client machine (102) I get:

root XXX:/home/ed#  mount dell:/data /mnt/dell/data
mount: dell:/data failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

Just a guess: are all the RPC services enabled? Check to see if portmap , nfsd , nfslock are running (there are other RPC services too.. dont know their name..) .. I've had some issues and then I found out that one of the services was disabled.. Also check you firewall (if you have one).

Pedro Macedo

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