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Re: up2date

Dwaine Castle wrote:


I just completed the 2.6.6-1.427 kernel update using the up2date utility.
After I rebooted, everything seems to be running fine except for the
kernel-doc update.  Kernel-doc was in the list of update items(still is),
but it didn't get updated.  The up2date icon is signaling that I have an
update available, but when I launch it it tells me that my system is

I've got a /usr/share/doc/kernel-doc-2.6.5 subdirectory, but nothing for

Can anybody tell me what is wrong and how to fix it?


I got the same last night, it looks like a bug of the update, I download the kernel-doc-2.6.6-1.427noarch.rpm and manually installed it (rpm -ivh kernel-doc-2.6.6-1.427noarch.rpm), finally everything is back to normal. You can download it from : limestone.uoregon.edu/fedora/updates/2/i386
Good luck.

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