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Re: Nautilus - changing user/owner

On Sunday 13 June 2004 21:12, Pepebuho wrote:
>If I have a group of files with the same user/owner, how can I
> change the user/owner to a different one as a group?
>I was doing some root maintenance and ended with several user files
> with root as an owner. I could change the user/owner individually
> for each file from Nautilus, but I could not select the proper
> files and do a group change. This is odd.
>I know this probably is in the manual but I do not  know even where
> to start searching or what terms I could use for such a search.
>Please, I know that it is probably more efficient to do it from a
> terminal using chown, but given the fact that I was in GUI mode I'd
> rather stick to the GUI way (yes, I usually keep a terminal window
> open to bypass the GUI when it gets in the way, but in my own
> personal opinion, a GUI should not "get in the way".)

You can read the fine manual for 'chown' (man chown), which you can, 
as root, use to change a whole directory tree with the -R option.  
Something like:

chown -R amanda:disk /home/amanda/amanda-2.4.5b2-20040510

which will change that whole src tree to be owned by amanda, who is a 
member of group disk.

Cheers, Gene
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