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Timothy K. Wagner wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Now that I've gotten Fedora working great, I have really been interested in
being able to use it ANYWHERE! :-D So, I am trying to get VNC working. I had
a hopeful outlook thinking that I would just need to launch the VNC server on
my Linux box and that would be it. When I use the VNC viewer on my laptop, I
put the IP address of my desktop in, and it doesn't connect. Are there any
other details to setting up a VNC server and being able to connect to it?

The best setup of vnc is at http://www.sourcecodecorner.com/articles/vnc/linux.asp. Once setup, point a vncviewer to servermachine:50 to see it work. For exampel from the console, do `vncviewer localhost:50`. It should give a login box inside the vncviewer.

Once that works, try to connect from a remote machine. If that fails it is most likely the firewall or routing to the machine.


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