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Re: Constant 20% CPU load after upgrade to fc2

Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 13:14:29 +0200, Rud Holmgren wrote:

Having just upgraded my fc1 installation to fc2 I experience that the CPU
is constantly loaded at about 20% average. On the system monitor applet
the load appears as spikes when using a 0.5 sec update interval. The
spikes are neither regularly spaced nor equal in height. When running top
in a terminal it reports the average user space load at about 20%, approx
1% system  load, and about 80% idle time. No process in the process list
eat more than 1%-2%.

My guess is that some process is started regularly that eats up a lot of
resources and then dies. I have tried catching this - without any luck. I
have some of the kernel userspace helper threads under suspicion (a
khelper). It's kind'a frustrating so I hope somebody has an idea at to
what is happening.

Try the following:

Check your root mail for failed cron jobs.

Check /var/log/messages

init 3
startx >~/x.log 2>&1
Then in X ...
tail -f ~/x.log
and in another terminal
tail -f /var/log/messages

Might shed some light on the problem ...

IME the initial prelink on virgin FC2 systems takes an order of magnitude
longer than on FC1, but that might have a lot to do with the FC2
v.everything install having more packages (more to prelink). Could be
that; have you checked /var/log/prelink.log? Although that wouldn't tell
you if it segfaulted.


Well, after further investigation it turns out that the kernel repeatedly tries to modprobe char_major_2_N for a range of N's. It does it through the khelper userspace kernel helper but with such high priority that top can't catch it. I had to write my own little piece of Ruby to catch it! The strange thing is that nothing appears in the logs. And even more strange: char_major_2 is old-style pseudo-tty masters. Why does the kernel insist on loading modules for these?

I have a colleague that experience precisely the same
thing on his recent upgrade to fc2. We both started
with rh8, upgraded to fc1 and now to fc2. Wonder if
it is the upgrades that does it?


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