installing Opera rpm with FC2

Keith ac7xc-lnx at
Mon Jun 14 13:34:26 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 06:11, Jay wrote:
> Sorry if this is redundant. Just joined. 
>  trying to install Opera browser on new FC2 install. Used FC1 for a
> while and all I had to do is download rpm, save to disk, and click on
> saved file. The OS would install the package with no problems. 
>  With FC2, the OS doesn't know what to do with the rpm. Says no action
> associated with file type. 
>  I know I must be missing something but this seems much less functional
> that the FC1 release. There must be some way to make it handle rpms like
> it used to.

 I take it you are using Gnome. In Nautulis you want to right-click on
the RPM file, select Open With> Other Application and then Install
Applications will be listed in the window. press the Modify button and
change the setting so that Install applications will appear in the
available Open With>. 
Now to install a RPM you will just need to select the RPM, right-click
then select Open With> Install Applications. 
 I don't know how to set it up with KDE. 

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