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Re: tail of two scsis

On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 07:23:24AM -0700, Richard Emberson wrote:
> I've got a FC2 system and a scsi disk with /boot and /.
> In addition, I have two other scsi disks with /home and /usr/local
> on them (call the disks A and B).

This is confusing. Have you got two drives or three? Is /home on one
drive and /usr/local on the other? Or do you have three drives, one
with / and /boot, and two more, each with /home and /usr/local? If the
latter, to what point?

> Both of these disks have their IDs set to 6.

You did not say whether the two disks are on the same SCSI bus. If so,
their having the same ID is an error.

Or are you swapping them in and out? ID doesn't matter except in the
order in which Linux assigns device file names, so I would change the
ID of one of them to 5 or 7 to be safe.

> When I boot the system with disk A, disk A can be found and
> the boot succeeds. When I replace disk A with disk B, disk B
> can not be found and the boot fails.

What happens when you have all three installed, with those on the same
SCSI busses all with different IDs? Can you boot, and read all three

Have you checked to be sure that the /home and /usr/local partitions
all have identical partition labels? i.e. that both /home partitions
have the same label, and that it is the one that /etc/fstab calls out?

Can you boot to a single floppy distribution like tomsrtbt, and read

> Other than the possibility that disk B is bad, what else
> could be the cause?
> The boot disk is a 7500rpm Quantum.
> Disk A is a 10000rpm Maxtor.
> Disk B is a 7500rpm Quantum.
> Back in my RedHat 9 days, the system used both Quantum disks.
> Thanks
> Richard
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