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Re: tail of two scsis

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 10:23, Richard Emberson wrote:
> I've got a FC2 system and a scsi disk with /boot and /.
> In addition, I have two other scsi disks with /home and /usr/local
> on them (call the disks A and B). Both of these disks
> have their IDs set to 6.
> When I boot the system with disk A, disk A can be found and
> the boot succeeds. When I replace disk A with disk B, disk B
> can not be found and the boot fails.
> Other than the possibility that disk B is bad, what else
> could be the cause?
> The boot disk is a 7500rpm Quantum.
> Disk A is a 10000rpm Maxtor.
> Disk B is a 7500rpm Quantum.
> Back in my RedHat 9 days, the system used both Quantum disks.
> Thanks
> Richard


What about termination?  Does Disk B have on-board termination and is it
enabled or disabled as required?  Also, termination will be relative to
where the drive sits on the cable.  The first and last devices on the
cable should be terminated.  Typically this is the controller on one end
and the last drive on the other.  The last drive should be on the last

What does the BIOS tell you is connected when you connect the boot disk
and drive B?


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