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Re: fc2 installation

Am Mo, den 14.06.2004 schrieb Jan Vondrak ~ Globe Internet um 17:00:

> I'm trying to install FC2 on my PC. But it allways ends with message that I'm installing FC2 on machine which is not supported and only one option is to exit from installation. This message allways appears after setting up of root's password.
> I have Redhat 7.3 installed on this machine without any problems. Only one difference is that SATA disk. But I'm able run fdsisk on it and create partitions.
> Has anybody similar expirience? There is no available log with more information.
> My configuration is Asus P4PE with P4 2,4GHz, 1GB RAM, SATA disk.

> Jan Vondrak

Known problems with some ASUS motherboards. You should read the FC2
release notes. See also (recently posted here on the list - so please
consult the list archive for searches)

***Asus P4P800 Series motherboard***
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