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Re: Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

> Scott Sloan said:
> > "Give me a list of what the Linux community is seeking as far as
> > hardware support and I'll see if I can get some bodies working on it.
> > With a convincing email or two and we should be able to get it done"

I found it annoying to have to use DOS to flash my DVD drives. I couldn't
even flash one to the latest rev because the flash tool for that rev
won't even run under DOS. It seems that flash tools are only available
under linux for some plextor drives (at least that I could find).
Flash other hardware (such as motherboards) seems to also be in a similar

I have a Belkin UPS which I thought was great for the price, but Belkin
somehow feels that keeping the interface information for communicating
with the UPS secret gives them a competive advantage and currently don't
help open source developers make drivers for it. They have some linux
drivers that they have written, but they don't provide them for many versions
and there is no gaurenty that they won't stop updating at some point in time.

Only ATI seems to currently be providing information about video drivers
so that open source drivers can be written which will allow the hardware
to continue to be used after they drop support.

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