[FC2] ISA cards not detected....

Bob Chiodini chiodr at kscems.ksc.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 14 17:31:31 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 13:19, antonio montagnani wrote:
> Bob,
> the Ne2000 is old, I agree, but if you recover an old machine and use it 
> as a gateway/firewall/router, it makes sense.
> I have no time (and also my time has a cost) to compile a kernel that 
> would be my first time, so I think I will go to buy a PCI new card.


I had not thought about it that way, but in the time taken to process
these emails each of us could have purchased several new PCI cards :-). 
Oh well!  Good Luck!

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