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Re: enable DNS

At 11:17 6/14/2004, Nina Pham wrote:
I forgot what command  which show the openned port.  I want to see if
port 80 is opening or not.

If you do something like "netstat -leanp | grep 80" you should see whether Apache is listening on that port or not. However, the firewall may still be blocking that port; check your iptables configuration to make sure.

By the way, you should start a "new message" when asking a new question, so the mailing list and people know it is a new conversation. By replying to the "enable DNS" thread, you continue that conversation and many people who might have been able to help you may not even see it. This is known as "hijacking a thread" and is a bad habit. Always start with a new message when starting a new conversation; replying is to continue a previous conversation.


-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz simpaticus com http://www.simpaticus.com

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