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RE: Promise fasttrak TX2000

My understanding is that ataraid was broken in 2.6 and has not been fixed
yet (nor will it from the looks of it).  It is being replaced by a universal
userspace-based approach that uses the kernel device-mapper.  Hardware raid
support has not been implemented under the stable 2.6 kernels to the best of
my knowledge.  If you do some internet searches you can find some people
playing with the new device-mapper.   All of the working raid solution I've
seen under 2.6 have been software raid, but I have not been searching really
hard either.

Luke Harms
lharms scenpro com

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Subject: Promise fasttrak TX2000

Trying to get the Promise fasttrak TX2000 to work on
kernel 2.6.6-1.427

Is this supposed to work?

Not sure if I'm just waisting time with this.


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