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Re: RH/FC: Mouse loses sense of location via use of console switchers

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 12:55, Dan Thurman wrote:
> Hi Folks.
> Just something I noticed that started from a small
> annoyance into a bigger annoyance... :-)
> For those of you who have a battery of servers, and make
> use of a common mouse-keyboard-monitor switcher (aka Belkin
> or similar devices) you might notice that if you switch from
> one server console to another console (that is to redhat/fedora)
> the mouse cursor looses all sense of location and gets *really*
> screwed up.  I have not been able to "reset" the mouse cursor
> to a "sane" position without being forced to reboot the system
> if I want to be able to log into the system.
> Any pointers?

Copied this from an earlier posting I made.

Have reports that this did resolve problems for a couple of people.

Hope you have the same results.

Have seen this problem as well on the Belkin KVMs.  

I came across this item on another list.  Have not tried it myself but
it sounds like it fixed a few peoples problems with this.


They say to put psmouse.proto=bare on the kernel command line or
proto=bare on the psmouse module command line.

There was some discussion of two other options imps and exps.  exps
apparently causes the mouse jumping problem.  imps appears to get a
mouse with a wheel working as expected.

Again I have not tried this but this may be an actual fix to this
Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

"Don't think; let the machine do it for you!"
-- E. C. Berkeley 

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