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Re: [FC1] samba update breaks samba-vscan-clamav...

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Updates... see below.

James Kosin wrote:

| Everyone,
| FYI....
| I'm considering this to be a minor issue until resolved.  Which I'm
| expecting soon.

This was a minor issue...  Even though it reported as an error, it was
when the client disconnected from the stream that the problem cropped up
and really isn't an error but truly a warning in this case.  This error
can be safely ignored.  It is fixed in the newly released clamav-0.73,
which may make it to the fedora rpm sites soon.

| | I do have a compiled i386.rpm package built for anyone needing | samba-vscan-clamav recompiled for version 3.0.4 of samba.

I guess I should publish the link to the file on my server.

the MD5SUM is 879eb3fea2241692802165d5aaf3c4a0
The package is NOT signed...  I'll have to look at signing packages and
such later.
This package has only been tested with samba-3.0.4 only.  I can not say
anything about it working with the prior version of samba with FC1 or
any other version of samba.

| Note: The current version of samba-vscan-clamav package will install,
| but will have problems with samba.  This case it errors out with
| "smbd_vscan-clamav[1298]: ERROR: daemon failed with a minor error -
| access to file ... denied."  As a result, users no longer have access to
| any files on the share.

This error is fatal to all users of samba-3.0.4.

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