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Re: prelink breaks VMware 4.5.2 on FC2?

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 20:09:18 +0100, D. D. Brierton wrote:

> So I was just looking at this in more detail, and looking over the files
> in /usr/bin/vm*. Firstly, /lib/modules is already blacklisted in my
> /etc/prelink.conf and so I guess the last four lines before exit are
> unnecessary.

As Jakub quite rightly points out, we don't need to blacklist the kernel
modules, since it never touches them.

> But whilst some of the files /usr/bin/vm* are ELF binaries, some of them
> are shell scripts. And looking at those shell scripts in more details I
> can see that a couple of them, notably /usr/bin/vmware, point to
> binaries in /usr/lib/vmware/bin. I think this may be too complicated to
> second-guess.

Not at all. Simply add "-b /usr/lib/vmware" to prelink.conf, along with
the rest from the script.

> The output of rpm -ql VMwareWorkstation is mind-boggling.

ldd, grep, find and sed are your friends.

> I just hope VMware either fix the prelinking

Judging by all the negative feedback they're getting, I would think a fix
will be forthcoming soon ;-)

> Thanks again Keith.



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