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Re: Limit Email

I'm not sure i follow what you are asking. Could you clarify what
exactly you want to limit in size?

Are you trying to keep outgoing/incoming attachments to say 5 megs per
e-mail? Are you trying to set up quota's on users so all stored e-mail
must be under say 100 megs per user? Different things mst be
configured depending on how you answer that question.


P.S. That's one hell of a Confidentiality statement. Considering that
you are sending to a mailing list that is also archived and published
on the web, are we really allowed to read your message? Is a
Confidentiality statement really appropriate for a forum such as this?

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:31:06 -0700, Mario Casamalhuapa
<casamalm kernmedctr com> wrote:
> How do I limit the email size of each user? Do I do that in sendmail or
> is there a configuration in imap? Thanks
> Mario Casamalhuapa
> Kern Medical Center
> Information Systems
> casamalm kernmedctr com
> www.kernmedicalcenter.com
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