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Re: changing bootloaders in FC2

Thanks, Alexander! I have never been able to get it to work with RAID 1. Never

The problem is as follows: 

I install FC2 (most recently) and reboot. The system (which is a
dual-processor, with 2 HDD's, one of which is mirrored to the other one with
the hardware RAID 1) goes through the initial stuff and hangs on 

"GRUB Stage 2 Loading"

Nothing beyond that. Can not get anything to happen, despite several
suggestions (from earlier) on this list.

Best wishes!

--- Alexander Dalloz <alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de> wrote:
> Am Di, den 15.06.2004 schrieb Globe Trotter um 0:29:
> > How does one install and change bootloaders in FC2? GRUB will not let me
> > install because I have hardware RAID 1 on my system.
> Can you please explain your problem? Grub installs well on RAID setups.
> Alexander
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