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Re: changing bootloaders in FC2

Am Di, den 15.06.2004 schrieb Globe Trotter um 1:06:

> Adaptec ATA RAID 1200A BIOS Array Configuration Utility v1.3
> Press <CTRL H> to run BIOS Array Configuration Utility Scan Devices. Please
> wait.... (I do nothing...)

> Primary  Master: WDC WD 1200JB 75CRAO
> Primary Slave: No Drive
> Secondary Master: WDC WD 1200JB 75CRAO
> Secondary Slave: No Drive
> GRUB Loading Stage 2....

When you previously spoke about "hardware RAID" on a Dell server I
thought it was real hardware RAID, so with RAID arrays transparent to
the system, without need for drivers. Am I right that the Adapatec card
you have is just like the cheap Promise cards software RAID with BIOS
support? I think so. Well, the question is then: how did you install
your system? You did see just 1 harddrive? Which disk name has it:


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