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Re: changing bootloaders in FC2

Am Di, den 15.06.2004 schrieb Globe Trotter um 1:49:

> In any case, here is the partitioning:
> /dev/hde1  ext3
> /dev/hde2  swap
> /dev/hde4 
>    /dev/hde5  ext3  /
>    /dev/hde6  ext3  /usr/local
> /dev/hdg is where the mirror is (it shows as free space).

Ok, you did not set up any RAID. The controller is some kind of "fake
hardware RAID" - it is just software RAID with BIOS support.

Follow partitioning instructions within Disk Druid during installation
of Fedora by this manual:


You have to make use of Linux software RAID. And see


for having grub on both RAID1 drives. (The link was posted today here on
the list by Christopher K. Johnson.)


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