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Re: Fedora Core 2 Update: kernel-2.6.6-1.435

Dave Jones said:
> On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 23:20, Don Russell wrote:

>> Is it possible for these announcements to be distributed AFTER the
>> mirrors
>> have synch'd, that way the updates will be available upon on receipt of
>> the notice.
> We've tried that. It gets a flood of mails to the lists along the lines
> of..
> "Hey, there's a new kernel, where's the announcement?"
> This is one of those situations where we can't please everyone.

Well, yes, I can see that happening too. :-(

How about this: Based on personal observation it looks like up2date goes
to the same place every time, and that place replies with a mirror site to
go to... OK, that's fine (I sugested that back in FC1)...

So.... could the list of mirrors eligible for participating in up2date be
updated dynamically so as only synch'd mirrors would be used by up2date?

The problem I  run into now, is one invocation of up2date gets me a list
of what's available, then I say OK, get that and install it... and that
goes to a different mirror and I get an error from up2date saying 'package
not found'.

It seems kind of sloppy, and a waste of bandwidth to try over and over
until it works... but maybe the effort to fix it is too high...

Right now I have a red ball exclaming "There be updates! ... There be
updates!" ... It says 5 are available... when I launch up2date, I see only
3... two of which appear to be mutually exclusive

Is the count mismatch due to different mirrors having different software
at different times? Once all the mirrors are in synch then up2date will
report things more accurately?


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